12 Signs You’re Ignoring Your Mental Health

It’s mental health awareness month and sadly I have not been keeping up with my own mental health.

This month has been a bit off for me and I’m overall just pretty sad, stressed, and anxious at the drop of a hat.

I’ve been ignoring my own mental health which made me realize just how easy it is to do so.

So I can’t really imagine what it would be like for someone that doesn’t understand their own mental health or someone that still has not yet come to terms.

I compiled a list of 12 different signs that you may be ignoring your own mental health. 12 signs to watch for.

How Are You Really Feeling?

  1. You’re really tired all the time. You may be getting the best sleep of your life but you’re still tired.
  2. You’re easily unmotivated. You avoid accomplishments at all cost and would rather stay in bed than complete everyday tasks.
  3. Your eating habits have changed. Whether you’re eating too little or too much, it might be a sign that you’re overly stressed or struggling mentally.
  4. Your daily routine is changing. Often when I’m feeling more down than usual I start to avoid my routines. I won’t stick with my skincare routine, or I’ll stay in bed as long as possible rather than using my time to get ready in the mornings.
  5. You avoid social interactions at all costs. Some people just aren’t social people, so avoiding social interactions isn’t all that out of the ordinary. For many, avoiding social interactions could be a side effect of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  6. You avoid exercise. I’m not a huge fan of exercise, to begin with, but when I’m avoiding my mental health the gym is the last thing I want to do is exercise.
  7. You’re consuming alcohol more than usual. Many people use alcohol as a way to ease the pain. If you’re drinking more than normal, it might be a sign that you are ignoring your mental health.
  8. Little things don’t bring you joy. Everyone has little things that make them happy. Whether that be flowers, or sunsets, or what have you. Everyone has their thing. If your thing isn’t bringing you joy, you might be struggling more than you know.
  9. You have moments of happiness and determination. Often when I’m struggling, I’ll have several days of sadness, and then one day where I feel like I can get my whole life together… but then I don’t and I’m right back to where I started.
  10. You’re easy to anger. It’s a lot easier to snap and be angry when you are sad than it is when you’re not. When you are sad and upset, your brain easily triggers angry responses because it takes to much energy not to react that way.
  11. Headaches. Personally, I suffer from bad headaches, which are significantly worse when my mental health is being ignored.
  12. You stop taking your medication. I don’t know what it is that makes me stop, but the more mentally upset I am, the more often I find that I forget or avoid taking my medication.

If you’ve been noticing any of these recently, you may be ignoring your own mental health.

It’s something so easily done that we all do it more often than we’d like to admit.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are not taking care of yourself as best you could, and to realize that it is okay not to be okay.

Next week I will be posting another blog post on different ways to help yourself be more mentally healthy and to help take the next steps.


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