Hi there! My name is Steph and I am a 20-year-old Journalism student, currently in my second year of undergrad. I’m currently studying at North Central College in Naperville Illinois, but will soon be transferring to Lake Forest College in Lake Forest Illinois. At Lake Forest I will be majoring in Communications with a double minor in Journalism and Print and Digital Publishing.

Now I am certainly no expert, all-in-all the main point of this blog is that I’m not. I’m struggling to get by just like everyone else, and hopefully, with a little help along the way, we can all get through it together. I wanted to write about anything and everything that has to do with growing up and maintaining positive mental health. As someone that has really struggled with depression and anxiety, my hope is to contribute to a community working towards becoming happy, healthy, and successful together.

What can you find here? Anything and everything. Sort of like my own personal journal that I am sharing with the world, this blog will touch on all sorts of topics. Positive self-care, beauty, my fitness journey, college lifestyle, and so much more.

So, I hope that you will always remember:

You are Braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

And Smarter than you think.