Blogger Recognition Award

Just got some awesome news that I was nominated by the super sweet and talented Ashley at My World On A Canvas for the Blogger Recognition Award!

A blogger recognition award helps to grow and build a strong community among bloggers. It’s a way to recognize some awesome bloggers and to connect a bunch of bloggers with new blogs. I love the sense of community and strength that this brings to an amazing group of people. Sometimes starting a blog can be tiring and defeating, but things like this are what keep me going!

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

So there are a few rules that go along with being nominated for this award. Here are some of the rules for the Blogger Recognition Award:

  1. Thank the blogger for nominating you and give the link to their blog.

    Thanks so much sweet Ashley! Please check out her wonderful blog!

  2. Write a blog post on your website about receiving the award.
  3. Describe the story of why you started your blog.
  4. Write two pieces of advice you have for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers who have your vote of confidence.
  6. Notify each of your nominees of their nomination.


Me and My Blog

My blog is very new and just starting out. I started braverstrongersmarterme on a whim after joining the How To Start A Money Making Blog facebook group. They gave me a lot of confidence to get started with something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

The last couple of years being in college has been tough, and I’ve been doing my best to get by. I wanted to start a lifestyle and mental health blog to meet new people and help others as well. Mental Health Awareness has become a very big part of my life that I wanted to really incorporate it into my blog.

I recently decided to transfer colleges, so now I have an extended summer break. I wanted to use this time to do something that I love and maybe even make a little money from it as well. I am also a Journalism student, so anything to do with my future career will help me in the long run.

Advice For Other Bloggers Starting Out

Don’t Get Discouraged.

Blogging is pretty tough in today’s world. You have to be unique and stand out from the rest while keeping up with content. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You may not reach a lot of people at first, but the more unique you are to you, the more people there will be that appreciate your content. It’ll certainly be tough in the beginning, but the harder you work at it, and the more you keep up with it, the more you will get out of it. It will take a bit to really get your footing, but once you do it’ll be an amazing experience.

Find A Community.

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of stealing this one from Ashley, but its such great advice. Her and I both love the idea of having a community to grow with and learn from, so we started a Facebook group called “The Millenial Blogger Collective.”

We wanted to create a space where we can all help each other out and grow together. We both struggled in the beginning, especially with finding others like us, so as a way to get to know more bloggers and grow everyone’s followers we created the group!

15 Bloggers That I Nominate

  1. Stumbling Over Suitcases
  2. Blessed Life Ever
  3. Nurse Backpacker
  4. Being TessieBelle
  5. Looks Like Happy
  6. Blogger From The Bay
  7. Cristina Journal
  8. April Monterrosa
  9. Melanie Stanton
  10. Diana
  11. Maddy Morwood
  12. Katie – Beauty and a Budget
  13. Emily
  14. This Magnificent Life
  15. Our Life With Bell

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  1. Ashley McLaughlin | 17th Apr 19

    Loved the read and I am glad you are loving the blogging community as much as I am! Us newbies got to stick together!

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