Italian Soda

One of my favorite summer drinks is Italian soda.

It’s basically a flavored bubbly drink.

Not only can you choose pretty much any flavor you want, but it’s also super refreshing during the summer.

Recently, I’ve been doing my best to save money where I can. Instead of going to a cafe every day to get my drink, I started making it at home.

At the coffee shop, an Italian soda is $3. This is seemingly cheap at first but adds up very quickly.

Here’s how to make your own at home.


One of the main ingredients of an Italian soda is flavoring. Mind you there are only two ingredients total.

My favorite flavor is raspberry, but you can use any flavoring.

My favorite syrup brand is Torani. There are several other brands you can use as well, but I stick with Torani.

They have pretty much any flavoring you can imagine, they also have most flavors sugar-free as well.

The best part? You can buy Torani off of Amazon.

They come in individual bottles, packs, and you can set up an auto order through Amazon.

Nearly all of them include Prime shipping, and a single bottle is usually around $12 or $13.

Seltzer Water

The second ingredient in an Italian soda is seltzer water.

I personally just pick up the Kroger brand seltzer water in cans. It’s only a couple of dollars for twelve cans.

You can get any plain seltzer water you like, it doesn’t have to be Kroger brand.

Making Your Italian Soda

One glass of Italian soda will take up 1 whole can of seltzer water and anywhere from 3 to 7 pumps of syrup.

You’ll have to play around with the ratio to see what works for you.

I typically do about 5 pumps of raspberry syrup, add ice, and then pour in the seltzer water.


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