Room Makeover Part 1

Ever since coming home from college, I’ve been wanting to spruce up my room.

I’m home for the next five months, so my room has become my sanctuary, where I’m spending a lot of my time. I want it to look and feel right.

I started by purging all of my old stuff. Ya know the little trinkets I’ve had since kindergarten? Yup, all of that gone.

I want to have a clean organized space that fits my personality.

Next, I got a mattress upgrade. I went from a tiny twin to a massive queen, and let me tell ya, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can finally spread out and get comfortable and I can let the dog sleep with me at night.

I got a beautiful bedspread from Kohl’s and it all just came together.


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I obviously added my collection of succulents to my decor. I love the boho chic kind of style, and I feel like they fit right in. I am ordering some really pretty macrame wall hangings that hold pots so that I can hang some succulents or cacti on the wall.

These are the ones that I plan to order soon!

Here are some of the succulent pots that I currently have!


Just today I headed into a Tuesday Morning shop and absolutely fell in love! I had never been before and it’s a shame that I hadn’t. The store is so cute and reasonably priced.

I found these adorable curtains that go perfectly in my space for only $22, and this super cute fluffy white rug for only $30!

Looking for something similar? Check these out!


So far that’s all I have for my room makeover. I will definitely be adding more of the fun stuff that I’m buying for my room to share with you all!


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