Why You Need The One-Step In Your Life

Having shorter thinner hair isn’t always all it’s chalked up to be.

People with thick hair always tell me how lucky I am and how much they wish they had thinner hair.

When it comes to thinner hair, the thing is, it never sits how you want it to.

It requires a hair dryer, a straightener, heat protectant spray, mousse, and all of my patients on any regular day.

I have searched high and low, tried dozens of products, and still, have not been able to find something that works… Until I found the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler.

Over the Christmas season, this product was everywhere. I would continuously get pop up ads for this dryer from all different types of sketchy sites. Luckily most of them were too lazy to remove the Revlon name from the dryer itself, so I knew just what company to go to.

I was skeptical at first that it wouldn’t be worth the hype but boy was I wrong.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler

This thing truly is a must-have, even if you do have thicker hair.

It’s basically a larger brush that dries your hair while styling it.

It has three different settings, High, Low, and Cool. It’s super easy to use, and not too bulky.

One of my favorite parts of this product is that it cuts out having to use a hair straightener all together.

It’s much better for your hair and will cause significantly less damage than a regular hair dryer and straightener.

I haven’t used my straightener to actually straighten my hair in months. Now, I only use it when I want to curl my hair.

Not only does it dry your hair, but it straightens and styles. It’s great for straightening and loose waves.

Due to my thin hair, I use this product every single day to avoid frizz and to add plenty of volume to my otherwise flat hair.


There are plenty of cheaper knock-off versions of this product that you can purchase.

Personally, I know and trust Revlon. I would rather by a product that I know will last than take my chances on a knock-off that may never work in the first place.

When it comes to heating tools and their proximity to my scalp, I want a product that I know will be safe to use.


There are several different places you can get this product.

You can get it directly through Revlon, Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and probably several other places if you look hard enough.

I got mine through Ulta.com.

I personally preferred the mint color over the pink and the only place I could find it was through Ulta as an online exclusive.

You can also purchase through Amazon.

Through Amazon, you can get it directly through the Revlon manufacturers.

It has amazing Amazon reviews, so you won’t have to worry about not getting the product you are looking for.

Through Ulta, the dryer is $59.99. I had a coupon at the time so I got mine for a little bit cheaper.

That’s about the standard price for the Revlon brand dryer.

The best part is that right now it is on Amazon for only $47.99 with Amazon free prime shipping.

Let me know if you decide to purchase one of these bad boys and let me know what you think in the comments!



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  1. Clara | 14th Jun 19

    I have super thick hair and I can attest to all the problems above. In addition to “hot as hell during summer” and “do not use a round brush with it. I remember that I had a cheap round brush styler once. I somehow got it so knotted that I finally had to cut it out. But I also know several people with thin hair who love their round brushes.

  2. Angela C. | 14th Jun 19

    Next time this dryer goes on sale, I am getting it! Great review for it!

    • admin | 20th Jun 19

      Thank you!

  3. Hoang vi Fessenden | 7th Jun 19

    Oh wow this is really cool I’m glad it worked for you

    • admin | 20th Jun 19

      Thank you!

  4. Karen D Wilson | 5th Jun 19

    This may be the answer to my thin hair problem. Thanks for posting.

    • admin | 20th Jun 19


  5. Deborah Kos | 5th Jun 19

    The one-step hair styler dryer sounds like it would be worth looking into. I have thick hair and it would be nice to style and dry all at once.

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